February 25, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #PoisonIvy [1-21-15]


Decided to go out and mess with it today in the 26* weather. Can’t stand the cold but also can’t stand going days without touching the car. Didn’t do a whole lot but I finished my battery relocation with the exception of connecting the starter wire and bell housing ground wire to the firewall. I am a bit confused with what you are supposed to do with the starter harness wiring and how to integrate that into the battery relocation and fuse box relocation. I’ll have to do a bit of searching.

I will probably eventually move the kill switch from the reverse light hole too. It looks awesome, it really does but when I need to service the kill switch down the road, I will have to remove the wiring from the distribution block and pull the wiring towards the rear of the car to get some slack in order to remove the rear bumper. In order to access the kill switch, I have to also remove the back bumper. Which is a PITA in itself. I will probably mount it in the center tail light section. Then I won’t have to do much in order to access the kill switch or wiring.

Before I finish soldering up the wires in the cabin on the wiring harness, I want to power the car to find out that I am getting power at all. My battery is dead so I have to get a hold of a battery charger or something to charge it first.

Here is the diagram I drew up for my battery relocation. The only thing I may not do is add the extra ground running from the battery all the way to the bell housing. Battery will be mounted in the right rear corner of the hatch.

esd battery relocation diagram