Base Tune 2G Blackbox ECU- Ceddy Mods



If you are intending on using a 2G blackbox ECU in your DSM, you will need a proper base tune in order for your engine to run, and run properly. We offer a remote base tune to get your car up and running with the 2G blackbox ECU using Ceddy Mods.

If you have a 2G blackbox ECU and just want a better base tune and utilize all of the cool Ceddy Mods options (2 step, custom rev limit, CEL on knock, etc.), we can flash your 2G blackbox ECU for your 2G. These can also be used in the 1G with required wiring

You will have to send us your ECU in order for us to flash it. We don’t usually keep ECU’s in stock, but if you do not have an ECU yet, check with us first to see if we have one in stock.

If you are able to flash the ECU yourself, we can build your base tune and you can flash the ECU yourself. This will save a lot of time for you as you will not have to ship your ECU to us.

+$20 if we have to flash ECU.

+$20 for each remote tune adjustments.


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