Ceddy Mods



Ceddy Mods

These are the required files for Ceddy Mods, which is used when running a 2G Blackbox ECU. There are 5 files total in the .zip download.

  • 20550011.xml- This goes in your C:\Program Files\OpenECU\EcuFlash\rommetadata\mitsubishi\eclipse
  • 20550011-mod-1v9Cb-MAF.hex– Your base Ceddy Mods ROM.
  • 20550011-mod-1v9Cb-MAF-BigMaps.hex– Base Ceddy Mods ROM with Big (extended) fuel and ignition maps.
  • 20550011-mod-1v9Cb-SD.hex– Ceddy Mods for running Speed Density. This ROM has the smaller, stock, narrow maps.
  • 20550011-mod-1v9Cb-SD-BigMaps.hex– Ceddy Mods for running Speed Density and using the Big Maps.


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