ESD Ram Air Headlight


These are our custom ram air headlights. Our ram air headlights still allow you to use your high beams. They allow more, cooler airflow to the air filter which lowers intake air temps (IAT’s) giving you a little more power. We offer different designs upon request.

We do not recommend using these ram air headlights on the street. It does not have a low beam, so you will be running around with one headlight lit up when using low beams or have to use high beams, which isn’t any more safe. 

It is also unsafe for your engine if you drive in the rain. Rain will easily go through the hole, directly to your air filter. You MAF could get damaged or your engine could hydrolock with heavy enough rain. The hole itself is sealed in the front with silicone, so the chances of water getting inside the headlight is very slim.

We also do not like to hack up a perfectly good headlight if we can avoid it. Most of our ram air headlights were done on a headlight that have broken mounting tabs, cracks, or other defects. Without all of the functional mounting tabs, the headlight will bounce around and not point light the way it should, causing hard to see conditions at night time daily driving.


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