March 4, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #PoisonIvy [3-16-16] Running Smooth

A couple of weeks have passed since my last update so I will try and add as much as I can about the progress of #PoisonIvy.

wbcontroller 20160315_223504_resized

I installed my Innovate LC2 Wideband (see Tech Article for info). The install was easy, but I had several problems, both which were my fault and not Innovate’s. I installed my front exit downpipe that I used on my old 2G (#VirginMary) and then went to my local Monroe Muffler to get my bung welded on.

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Before leaving, I went to calibrate the wideband o2 sensor before driving home. It would not calibrate properly and the LED on the controller indicated Error 8- Fault or short in the sensor cable. Now, a few days prior when I installed the wiring and cable, I drove the car while the sensor cable was not zip tied up so the plug on the o2 sensor side of the cable drug along the ground and the plug broke. It still plugged in, so I just hoped it would be fine. It was not.


So, I drove the car home from Monroe Muffler with the sensor installed in the exhaust, not thinking. I purchased a new sensor cable from Extreme PSI and the cable came the following day. I installed the new cable and went to calibrate the wideband again. Now, I was getting an Error 5, faulty o2 sensor. Since I drove the car home from Monroe Muffler with the sensor installed in the exhaust stream while the sensor wasn’t getting power (from the damaged sensor cable), it made the o2 sensor faulty. You are not supposed to drive the car or run the engine with the o2 sensor installed into the exhaust stream without the sensor receiving power. Otherwise, it will destroy the o2 sensor.

I bought a new Bosch 4.9 o2 sensor from Extreme PSI and calibrated my wideband once more. Now, the wideband was working but was running very lean all around. I quickly determined it to be due to an exhaust leak in the downpipe. So, I removed my factory front o2 sensor from the o2 housing and wired up the wideband o2 sensor to my ECU wiring (to simulate narrowband o2). Finally, it worked and was reading perfect AFR at idle. I immediately began driving around and logging. My AFR’s at cruise and WOT were spot on from my tune, which was very satisfying knowing my basic tuning capabilities were sufficient. I then turned the boost up slowly until I met my desired maximum IDC (Injector Duty Cycle). I am currently running 14-15psi.

I decided to drill some holes in my front bumper as my coolant temps were a little higher than I wanted. The holes were drilled only on the passenger side of the front bumper as that is the side my half radiator sits on. After drilling the holes, my coolant temps dropped significantly.

20160306_181429_resized 20160306_181311_resized 20160315_181546_resized

Several months ago, I cut a hole in my dash to grant myself access to the various amount of things that would later be mounted beneath my dash (ECU, wiring, grounds, etc.) Since my last update, I quickly fabbed up an access panel “door” to cover the hole when not in use. In the future, I will probably make a prettier door as this one was a quick and easy fab using a random piece of sheet metal I had lying around.

20160317_185614_resized 20160317_182506_resized

Also under the dash, I finally mounted and installed my in-line fuse for my 3 fusible links that used to connect to the battery terminal in stock form. Up until now, I had the fusible links bolted to the alternator fuse on the side of the fuse box. This was acceptable but did not tie into my kill switch, thus the kill switch would not kill the engine when turning the kill switch to the OFF position.

I chopped off the fusible links and ran the wiring to a 100a in-line fuse, then the other end to my distribution block. Now, the kill switch will kill power to the engine when turned OFF as it should.

20160317_172000_resized 20160317_172006_resized

I have been also dealing with a leaky return line. One of the bolt holes on the oil pan for the return line was stripped, thus not providing a tight seal. I would have to add a little oil every couple of days. So, I finally retapped the bolt holes to 1/4″x20 and replaced the gasket; no more oil leak.


The car has been running extremely smooth all around lately. The tune is near perfect. I did my very first AWD Launch from a dig with this 1G, spinning all 4 wheels through first gear.

Here is the log from the launch.


Tomorrow, new injectors will be in the mail. Dialing in the FIX 1600’s on pump gas proved to be a nightmare, so the 550’s went back in and I traded the 1600’s for a set of Precision 1000’s. I will probably install them tomorrow.

I don’t really have too many near future plans at the moment, just trying to work out the bugs with this car and fix things as I go. The interior needs a lot of work. I’m doing the “racecar interior” look, but I can’t stand all the unorganized wiring. Slowly but surely, I will be cleaning it all up.

More pics:

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