January 17, 2021

PROJECT LOG Update: [3/19/2016] The Pieces of The Puzzle

Alright so I’ve finally gathered enough parts to get the process of putting the puzzle that is Sapphire back together. Here’s the list.

Low mileage cylinder head with bad valve seals – $250

Gates Timing Belt and Water Pump Kit – $215

NGK Spark Plug Wires – $40

Enginetech Head Bolts HB219 – $17 (Only Temporary)

Felpro Top End Gasket Set – $90

OEM Turbo Coolant Return Line – $34

50Ft 2AWG Wire – $50

1:4 Distribution Block – $15

5QT Brad Penn 20w50 High Performance Oil – $50

Antifreeze – $15

I still need 4AWG wire, terminals, and battery kill switch to finish up.

KIMG0022 KIMG0033 KIMG0044 KIMG0045 KIMG0043 KIMG0040 KIMG0041 KIMG0042KIMG0063 KIMG0064KIMG0051 KIMG0052

So now that I got all this stuff, its time to put it all in the car.

KIMG0046 KIMG0048 KIMG0065 KIMG0066 KIMG0067 KIMG0068 KIMG0069

Turning out pretty good if I don’t say so myself!

Still a lot to do, heres a little list.

Cut hole for wiring harness.

Finish tucked engine harness and fusebox relocation.

Install 20g.

EVO ECU Patch Harness

Hook up IC piping

Battery Relocation.

Fuel Pump Rewire

Hook up the exhaust.

Vroom Vroom!