DSM Gear Ratios

Below are the DSM gear ratios. These are very useful to use in EVOscan or ECMlink to calculate the horsepower of your car. Ensuring that you have the correct gear ratios between different parts of the drivetrain is cruise. It is important not to mix-match transfer cases, rear ends, etc. with the wrong combination of […]

Shimming the Pivot Ball

The reasons behind shimming the clutch pivot ball are often misunderstood. Ultimately what you’re doing is correcting the offset geometry of the clutch fork so that it’s optimized for the clutch you are using.  When it comes to aftermarket flywheels, clutch discs and pressure plates there tends to be some variance in the final offset […]

Choosing the Proper Clutch

From the guys at TRE TORQUE CAPACITY 90-99 AWD DSM:  The factory rated the W5M33 89-99 AWD transmission for roughly 250ft.lbs of torque.  You can put over 700ft.lbs of torque through our top shelf DSM AWD transmission, these guys have but we don’t expect it to last forever on the OEM gears. It should be […]

Gear Oil FAQ’s

Gear Oil Capacities Transmission: 2.4 qrts Transfer Case: 0.5 qrts Rear Differential: 0.9 qrts “DSM, 3S, and EVO transmissions require 2.5-3 quarts of oil. For our DSM / 3S transmission rebuilds, we recommend factory Mitsubishi transmission gear oil. For stock or mildly modified vehicles, you can just use the standard Mitsubishi MTF. For higher hp, tracked, […]