September 20, 2021

Eat Sleep DSM Wiring Harnesses

Eat Sleep DSM Custom Wiring makes custom DSM wiring harnesses using your wiring harness as a base. We can do several different things and build your harness exactly how you want it. If you are planning a wire tuck, a custom wiring harness is a must.

Every harness is different and built exactly for your needs and your setup. Everything that you have removed mechanically, air conditioning, power steering, emissions system, ABS, and all other deletes, will be implemented into your custom wiring harness. The same goes for relocations. Anything you have already relocated or are planning to relocate will be built into your wiring harness in order to run your wiring as cleanly as possible.


Everything that you want done will determine the total cost. There are two harnesses that make up the complete wiring harness. Information about each harness is below.


Restored wiring, reloomed with braided wire loom, new connectors/plugs as needed. New connectors will be added to the cost. The engine harness consists of all the essential connectors that plug into parts of the engine (injectors, coil pack, PTU, CAS, etc). This harness begins at the ECU plugs and ends at each individual plug that runs to various engine components.

  • Relocations- +$40 each for any number of relocations.
    • Coil Pack
    • PTU
    • Injector Resistor Pack
    • Noise Condensers
    • Engine Speed Adjustment Connector
    • Ignition Timing Adjustment Connector
    • Fuel Pump Check Connector
  • Deletes- +$20 each for any number of deletes.
    • AC
    • Power Steering
    • Emissions
    • EGR
    • IAC
    • ABS
    • Boost Control Solenoid
    • Injector Resistor Pack
  • Add-Ons/Swaps- +$30 per add-on/swap.
    • 1G CAS
    • Speed Density Wiring/Plugs
    • MAF Swap
      • 1G MAF
      • 2G MAF
      • 3G MAF
      • Evo MAF
      • GM MAF
    • Aftermarket Cooling Fans


Restored wiring, reloomed with braided wire loom, new connectors/plugs as needed. New connectors will be added to the cost. The chassis harness consists of all the connectors that plug into the headlights, side marker lights, turn signals, etc. The harness runs from the in-cabin fuse box and ends at the engine bay fuse box.

  • Fuse Box Relocation- +$100 (If your car isnt being dropped off we will need measurements in order to extend the wires for the fuse box to your desired location. We are not responsible for improper measurements.)
  • Deletes- +$20 each for any number of deletes.
    • Windshield Wiper Motor
    • Fog Lights
    • Noise Condensers
  • Add-Ons- +$30 per add-on.

We tailor your custom harness for your exact setup. Every car and setup will be different based on the location of every part that the wiring harness plugs into. You will need to tell us exactly what your plan is when we do your harness. If you are interested in having Eat Sleep DSM Motorsports build your harness, please contact us at or or PM us on our site. Our harnesses generally take 2-3 weeks for completion. We ask that you include $20 for return shipping of each completed wiring harness. Payment is due upon receipt of your wiring harness before work is started. We do not issue refunds. If you sell your car, we will not issue a refund for an ongoing harness. You will receive your harness upon completion and are free to do as you please. If you sell your car we can ship the harness to the new owner if you desire.

Cars with Eat Sleep DSM Wiring Harnesses: