June 14, 2024

Become a Supporting Vendor

Eat Sleep DSM offers Supporting Vendor advertising. Eat Sleep DSM GREATLY appreciates any person or company that offers any products or services for our 20+ year old cars and it is our duty to promote any person or company that does so. We will also go the extra mile to promote your business as best as we possibly can, and then some.

By becoming an official Supporting Vendor of Eat Sleep DSM, you will be receive the following:

  • Your company logo will be displayed along the bottom of every page in the footer with the rest of the other Supporting Vendors.
  • Your company logo will be added to the side of every page showing a slideshow of Supporting Vendor logos.
  • Your company logo will be added to the Supporting Vendor Page.
  • Any tech articles, FAQ write ups, etc. that discusses anything your company sells, will be linked to a listing on your website. For example, our write up discussing various lowering springs, if you happen to sell any of the discussed lowering springs, we can provide a link to our viewers to a page on your website where the discussed lowering spring can be purchased directly from your website.This is just one example of things we will do ourselves to help promote your business.
  • You will gain access to the Vendor Announcements Forum in which you can post any announcements, updates, products or services, in the Vendor Announcements Forum. This can be treated like a classifieds Forum.
  • You will also be allowed to discuss your product or services in any forum.

The basic Supporting Vendor package costs $35/month and you will get all of the above. The total over the course of 12 months is $420. But, we offer a yearly package at $350/year.

For any additional advertising, we offer Vendor ads.

  • Side of the site, one add for 1 month- $35/month
  • Large width ad on the top of the site for 1 month- $65/month
  • Large width ad on the bottom of the site for 1 month- $50/month

Please contact us at aj@eatsleepdsmmag.com if you are interested in becoming a Supporting Vendor on Eat Sleep DSM Mag.