March 23, 2023


  • Muxia posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago

    The game wasn’t all bad. World of Warcraft Classic TBC was terrible, but. There was the Great Vault. Great Vault is an inspired development of weekly chests that were released from Battle for Azeroth, offering up to nine choices of gear , if you can complete the required activities each week. And the raids have been excellent too featuring interesting bosses and mechanics, even if they’ve been carefully tuned.

    The permanent return of Mage Tower Mage Tower (opens new tab) new tab) was another highlight as well as it’s also the Eternity’s End update has finally allowed the return of tier sets, which is something we’ve wanted for quite a long time. The current loot trading rules made it difficult to access all four pieces however it’s definitely an important step in the right direction.

    So I’m cautiously looking forward to the coming announcement about expansion. If the leaks are true and confirmed, then that’s even better. We’re all in need of a break from our journey into the realm of the afterlife, so it would be good to keep our sights set on Azeroth for a bit. The rich lore of the Legion expansion was the perfect response to the unpopular Warlords of Draenor alternate historical setting, so finally we can visit Azeroth’s Dragon Isles in 10.0 could function in the same way. I just hope they can address the issues that surfaced within World of Warcraft Classic TBC and make our next adventure the best one yet because World of Warcraft might not fully recover from yet another huge mistake.

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    In fact, the next expansion needs to take a step back from trying to break out of the mold. In the end, World of Warcraft is already an amazing game. It’s quickly approaching its 18th anniversary , and there’s a reason why it’s stood against the times when several other MOODs have come and gone. It might not always get things right but, in the event that it doesn’t, nowhere else I’d rather be than Azeroth.

    Even with the best intentions of giving us agency in how we would like to play, it stopped being an option–for the majority of players, at the very minimum–when someone was able to figure out the meta. This makes it hard to switch between these methods to ensure optimal performance for different content, or if there’s a balance shift to your class, it doesn’t take into account the player’s time.

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