February 25, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #PoisonIvy [1-12-16] 6 Bolt Heart Transplant

Sorry it’s been so long since I have updated this. Truthfully, I have been too lazy to upload the pics to my computer and resize them yatta yatta yatta. But, the time has come and I am going through nearly 100 pics of the car since my last update.

Some time ago, I got the engine in. It was a bi*** getting the mounts to line up (Avid Racing Motor Mounts) but after hours of fighting and prying, I got all the mounts bolted in. Luckily, they look badass, and hopefully they perform well too. Otherwise, the struggle was not worth it. I have heard the Aluminum Avid Mounts work better. The black ones were on sale (ExtremePSI Black Friday Sale).

I swapped the VC’s going with the new Hyundai VC once the engine was in and the chain and cherry picker were no longer needed. I have always been quite impatient in the past and put the nice VC on with fresh paint before dropping in the engine thus scratching it up from the chain.

I also retapped ALL of my VC bolt holes to 1/4×20 thread and used SS Allen Head Bolts (bought at Lowes). I usually always retap the VC holes to this thread. I find that it prevents cracking the VC and prevents stripping the threads.

I also mounted up my new VRSF FMIC. I believe I mounted it before I dropped the engine in. The piping lines up perfectly and I highly recommend the kit. Hardly any piping.

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