February 25, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #PoisonIvy [10-27-15]

Woke up today to a box of DSM parts. It is the first of many parts to come in the mail throughout the rest of the week. And to no surprise, it is the parts ordered from Extreme PSI. EPSI, is an amazing DSM vendor (arguably the best DSM vendor) and has incredibly fast shipping. It helps only living a few hours away.

The parts I ordered from them were the OEM auto timing tensioner, Torque Solution driveshaft carrier bearing busings, OEM drivesahft carrier bearing nuts, and SS braided clutch line (master to slave).



We went out and began where we left off with the engine bay. We painted the brake booster, sub frame, and cross member braces black. Once they dried, we covered them up and started on the green. I was super excited. It turned out great and it was just the first coat. We ran out of daylight to do any more coats but I managed to grab a few pics before it got too dark. Pics don’t do the bay justice. That and the darkness didn’t help any either.




Once I got inside, I started tackling the wiring harness. The engine harness is pretty much complete as far as removing the stuff I dont want like emissions, AC plugs, etc. I am waiting on that wire wrap I ordered from Summit Racing and then I will get it 100% ready to go back into the car.



Tomorrow, we are going up to my dads and getting some more parts off of Mary. I will be using the SS braided front brake lines (master to caliper) since I’m doing an ABS delete to the 1G, they will work. I am hoping to pull the transmission off of the engine in Mary as well to determine if the Fidanza aluminum flywheel is usable. We might take the 18’s off of Mary as well as the wheel spacers and see what they look like on the 1G.