February 25, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #PoisonIvy [10-27-15]

I decided a couple of days ago that I wanted to paint my engine bay though I was having problems deciding on a color. I surely didn’t want to repaint it the same color as the exterior. I really dont like this green all that much. It’s a nice color but it doesn’t have that *POP* like Mary did. I am so used to having an amazing and rare color DSM. The first thing out of someones mouth (even women) when they seen my car was, “OMG! I love that color!”.

I also came to the conclusion that no other color would appropriately go with the green. Initially, I was just going to paint it black- because any color goes with black, even puke yellow. But that is just too plain and I wanted to do things a little different this time around.

So, I finally thought of a color- Lime Green. I was on Google browsing through some engine bay pics and stumbled upon a picture of a 2G engine bay. It was lime green and had a black valve cover with green lettering. I don’t usually like lime green but for some reason, it called out to me. It made sense. The car is green. Although lime green is completely different that the green of the 1G, it is still green. So it fit.

The color scheme of the engine bay will be lime green and black. As I stated above, lime green bay with a black valve cover. Everything else with the exception of the purple Greddy BOV, blue and red Aeromotive AFPR, and chrome parts such as the IC piping, will be black. Couplers, oil catch cans, etc. will be black.

I stripped the bay. Removed the wiring harness, windshield wiper motor, injector resistor pack, brake fluid reservoir, fenders, front bumper, bumper support, headlights, everything. I removed all the leaves and cleaned everything with Purple Power. Once I was happy, I applied several coats of primer on the engine bay and radiator support. It turned out pretty good.

Tomorrow, I am going paint the brake booster, sub frame, and cross member braces black. Once that is done, I will tape them up and starting laying some coats of lime green on the bay followed by clear coat. I am extremely excited to see how it turns out. It should look amazing; especially once everything starts going back in.

I brought the wiring harness in the house and started labeling everything. Once everything is labeled, I will remove the factory loom and start deleting everything I don’t use (i.e. ABS wiring, emissions, AC, PS, etc). Once everything is removed, I will start prepping for the fuse box relocation.

I will also be relocating the power transistor and injector resistor pack inside the car. Not quite sure where I want to mount them yet but they will also be in an easily accessible location.

Here are some pictures of the primer layed onto the bay. I will be finishing the paint tomorrow and I will certainly have pics for you.