February 28, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #PoisonIvy [10-26-15]

Bought some parts today.

Brand new VRSF FMIC kit and Innovate LC2 wideband from Boost By Demand -$547
Hallman in-cabin MBC and aftermarket oil pressure gauge from Eric Barnane -$150
Non-ABS proportioning valve from Lathan Greiner -$25
Evo ECU from Carmen Rosario -$103
Aluminum half radiator from Chris Hosler -$80
Megan Racing lowering springs from Robert Stohr -$104
Fidanza 4.3 clutch from Eric Ehn -$350
Torque Solution driveshaft carrier bearing bushings from Extreme PSI -$42.49
OEM driveshaft carrier bearing nuts (4) from Extreme PSI -$7.80
Timing belt tensioner tool (since I keep losing them) from Extreme PSI -$19.95
OEM auto timing tensioner from Extreme PSI -$102.05
SS braided clutch line (master to slave) from Extreme PSI -$39

Total Cost- $1,570.74

Also put my ESD stickers on! Starting to feel a little more like my car now.