March 4, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #PoisonIvy [10-29-15]

Second wave of car parts came in yesterday. The half radiator and Evo ECU. Today, the third was of parts arrived. Fidanza 4.3 clutch with new OEM throw out bearing, wire wrap for the wiring harness and temp sender for my oil pressure gauge from Summit, and the AWD fuel sending unit with Walbro 255 and brand new OEM non cruise cable.

I havent been able to do much on the car the last couple of days but tomorrow, I am hoping to finish the paint in the engine bay so I can start putting things back in. I will post pics tomorrow.

Almost forgot, finally came up with a name for her. Now I’m not too big into the superhero or comic book stuff but a friend suggested me naming the car after a villain from Batman. Her name, Poison Ivy. Once I seen pics of this Poison Ivy, I fell in love. SHE IS SO SEXY!

Poison Ivy120151028_172135