March 4, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #PoisonIvy [11-4-15]

Today, I want to talk about my goals with Poison Ivy. I have several goals. I have a vision in my head on how I want this to turn out. There are things like the fuse box relocation that is important to me. A clean engine bay has always been the #1 thing when building these things. So relocating the fuse box and moving the battery to the hatch will make me happy. I have/will be deleting the AC, PS, all emissions crap, EGR, FIAV and ISC, and anything else I can. I’ve debated on deleting the windshield wiper motor but this will be a daily driver too.

I’m going to keep the Evo III 16G for now. It’s a great turbo and have always liked it. I want to see this car above 400awhp at some point and I feel the 16G can get me to 400, but not much more. So my plan is to figure out which turbo I want and start buying the supporting mods for it (i.e. manifold, external wastegate, etc).

I really like going to the track but I try not getting in too much of a habit of going. My ACT 2600 lasted 3 years in my 2G with easily 30 or more hard launches on and off the track, AND it is still good even after the accident. But I am always paranoid about abusing my clutch.

I am really hoping I like this Fidanza 4.3 clutch. I am also hoping it gives me a very hard clutch pedal feel like my ACT 2600 did. The only reason why I didn’t go with an ACT 2600 (or higher) with this 1G was because I really like Fidanza products. Their lightweight flywheel with the replacement friction disk is amazing. I always use their flywheel and using the one from my 2G in the 1G as well.

I look at this build and base my ET’s off my 2G since I am basically using the same exact setup. My best 1/8 mile ET with the 2G with the Evo III 16G on 12lbs and launching soft was 8.5 @ 81MPH. That would put me around 12.5-12.9 in the 1320 (the 1/8 mile track is 20 minutes away, the nearest 1/4 mile track is 2+hours away). I didn’t take the 2G to the track after putting my FIC 1600 injectors in and increasing the boost from 12psi to 20psi and retune. So realistically, I want to run somewhere in the 11’s when I first take the 1G to a 1/4 mile track with this setup. Although I will be running at least 23-25psi on the 1G.

I got more parts in the mail today as well. VRSF FMIC kit (LOVE IT! Still waiting on the J-Pipe as they were out of stock), oil psi gauge, oil temp gauge, Innovate LC-2 wideband kit, non-ABS proportioning valve, Megan Racing lowering springs, and…think I am forgetting some stuff.

I mounted my Aeromotive AFPR. Much more room on a 1G to do so I might add. I am having with the placement on the firewall. I also put my fenders, front bumper, and headlights back on. I will have to take the bumper back off when I mount the FMIC though.

We pulled the 6 bolt out of Mary. The only thing I found wrong was one of the bolts for the axle carrier bearing snapped off in the block. Shouldn’t be too difficult to get out though. Doubt there’s any tension on it. It snapped from the accident, not from trying to remove the bolt. The other bolt didn’t seem very tight when I took it out.

I got the engine back to my place. It’s sitting nice on my engine stand in my living room. Right where it was when I built it a couple months back. Stripped it down and painted the block. Took the pan off and everything looks great. Engine turns over by hand really nice and has compression. I don’t see any issues with the entire engine minus the broken bolt hole. Also, timing was perfect. Going to start reassembling the engine and get it ready to go into the 1G.

I also pulled the SS braided front brake lines off of Mary. I will probably install them on the 1G tomorrow.

Well, I think that’s about all that has changed since my last update.