February 25, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #PoisonIvy [11-7-15]

I haven’t done a whole lot in the last couple of days. I did however put my SS braided front brake lines (from the 2G) and non-ABS proportioning valve on. Looks pretty good. I didn’t connect them to the calipers yet because this thing still has the single piston front brakes. I am going to take the dual piston calipers off the 2G and put them on the 1G eventually when I don’t have more important stuff to do.

Oh, and I have some very good news. I got that snapped axle carrier bearing bolt out of my block. A buddy with a GST came up last night with an EZ Out set. Came out pretty easily actually.

I have been slowly chipping away at the engine. I’ve put a few coats of Grabber Green engine paint on the block over the last several days. It’s looking pretty good. I took the oil pan off tonight as the old one had a few cuts in it from the accident. Bottom end still looks solid. Everything feels great. Again, I just rebuilt this engine about 2 and a half months ago. Only has probably 3K miles on it.

I also went to my Dad’s and picked up the short block that came with the 1G. I will be using the pan off of that. I talked to the kid that used to own this 1G before the kid I got it from. He did all the work and stuff to this car. The kid I bought it off of basically bought everything and didn’t do anything with it. But I found out this short block has a complete OEM rebuild. Also only has a few thousand miles on it.

The head was completely rebuilt as well. But the engine jumped time and bent all the intake valves. The pistons have some small nicks on them. So if I swap out the intake valves and I got myself a complete spare engine. It does need a BSE though. Although it does have a blue Gates Racing BS belt :p

I will get some pics of the engine tomorrow hopefully. It’s still sittin’ pretty on the engine stand in the living room. I am going to put the water pipe and sh!t on so I can get the manifold and turbo bolted up. And do the timing. Anyway, I will update again soon!