February 25, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #PoisonIvy [2-22-16] First Drive

Another late update. The car is running AND driving now. A few days ago, we had some really nice weather. In the 60’s even. I took advantage and went out and installed the driveshaft with the Torque Solutions solid bushing kit, then put the transfer case on, and then slid the axles in. The next day, I bled the clutch and was still having issues. I pulled the slave cylinder off and seen it was seized. So, I took a trip up to my Dad’s where my old 2G rests and grabbed the slave cylinder off of that transmission.


I returned home and swapped Mary’s slave cylinder onto Poison Ivy. The clutch felt great, but still wouldn’t go into gear with the car running. So, I adjusted the master cylinder rod and all was good. I removed all the bolts, tools, etc off of the car and drove around in the driveway. By the end of the night, I was able to drive down the road a few times. The car ran very very smooth. I am very surprised of how smooth it runs actually.

I believe that the car runs so smooth because of the Evo ECU. All the reading I have done over the last few months about the Evo ECU being used in DSM’s, I have seen multiple people state that there is a huge difference in smoothness after switching from their EPROM ECU to an Evo ECU. I havent even gone through and fine tuned everything and it runs awesome.

I also finally got around to installing my Megan Racing lowering springs. Despite everything people say about Megan Racing, I actually have always liked these springs.

Couple of pics from the last few days.
Installing my springs.

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