March 4, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #PoisonIvy [10-25-15]

My name is AJ Hunsinger. Most people in the DSM world know me as “AJ @ Eat Sleep DSM” or “[SPOOLIGAN]”. I own a company based off of DSM’s. We have an all-DSM magazine that is about to launch soon. More of an online/website based magazine, but monthly issued hard copies are expected in the future. The web site is basically a one-stop-shop for all of your DSM needs whether it be for information or entertainment. Think of VFAQ and the “Virtual Tour of the DSM Engine Bay” combined, on steroids. That is Eat Sleep DSM. We have built a lot of custom parts such as patch harnesses (like the Evo ECU patch harness) and spark plug covers. We work on a lot of the local DSMer’s cars as well.

Me? I love DSM’s. There is nothing in my life that doesn’t consist of DSM’s. I have a 6 year old daughter whom I named with the initials DSM. I am on my 9th DSM, although the 9th came in a way I didn’t plan. On September 18th, I totaled my precious 95 Eagle Talon TSi AWD, aka Virgin Mary. Long story short, I took sleep aid one night after laying in bed for hours not being able to sleep. That is the last thing I remember. Some how I ended up in my car and crashed into a couple trees at well over 130mph (according to the police officer that did the investigation).

I was in the hospital for nearly two weeks. I broke both bones in my leg, basically snapped it, ruptured my spleen and had to have it removed, broke a rib, and had a good amount of cuts and scratches all over. I was extremely lucky to make it out of the car alive. I still don’t remember anything. In fact, the first thing I remember after I took the sleep aid was when my daughter came to see me on the 3rd day of being in the hospital.

If you take my DSM out of my life, there isn’t much left with friends and family aside. Obviously, I planned to have another one some day. A couple days after I got out of the hospital, I went and seen my car at the garage. It was very hard and very emotion to look at her originally. She saved my life. I pretty much immediately start scanning through specific areas of the car trying to determine what was salvageable.

We got the hood open and really started investigating. First thing I noticed that every single engine mount was either completely snapped off or bent. The only reason the engine was still in the car was because it was resting on the cross member brace. There were no cracks on the block and the engine itself didnt seem to have suffered any damage. Which was a huge relief because i had just rebuilt the whole engine a couple of months prior.

After discovering the engine was good, I started looking for a shell. Everything I was finding that I liked was several hours away. I wasnt trying to sit in a truck that long with a broken leg. I finally found one about an hour away and decided thats the one I wanted. It was a 92 GSX. Came with a ton of parts, said to be rust free, clean, drivetrain included, 4 bolt rear. So we loaded up with the car trailer and picked it up.

The kid was honest. The car had no rust at all. Very clean looking. The drivetrain came with it, a 6 bolt bottom end that is said to have been rebuilt, a 6 bolt head with bent valves, aftermarket clutch, flywheel, Hyundai VC, brand new Gates Racing blue timing belt, just boxes and boxes of parts. Hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of parts. And I got it all for $500.

I will always miss Mary. I still have her but it’s obviously not the same. I to this day will never get rid of her. I am glad to have another DSM though. I was having a really hard time mentally since everything that has happened. Not having a DSM to work on really messes me up. I am very excited to begin work on this 1G.

Here, I will keep an updated list of parts and costs invested into this build. I will update this throughout the log and keep it in this post for easy access.

Cost of the car $ 500.00 Wes Ross 10/23/2015
VRSF FMIC Kit $ 360.00 Boost By Demand 10/24/2015
Innovate LC2 wideband $ 180.00 Boost By Demand 10/24/2015
Hallman in-cabin MBC $ 100.00 Eric Barnane 10/24/2015
AutoMeter Oil Pressure Gauge $ 25.00 Eric Barnane 10/24/2015
AutoMeter Oil Temp Gauge $ 25.00 Eric Barnane 10/24/2015
Non-ABS Proportioning Valve $ 25.00 Lathan Greiner 10/24/2015
Evo ECU $ 103.00 Carmen Rosario 10/24/2015
1G Non-Cruise Control Cable $ 25.00 Joshua Melocik 10/24/2015
Fuel Sending Unit & Walbro 255 $ 100.00 Joshua Melocik 10/24/2015
Aluminum Half Radiator $ 80.00 Chris Hosler 10/24/2015
Fidanza 4.3 Clutch $ 350.00 Eric Ehn 10/24/2015
Torque Solution Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Bushings $ 47.58 Extreme PSI 10/24/2015
OEM Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Nuts (4) $ 12.89 Extreme PSI 10/24/2015
Timing Belt Tensioner Tool $ 25.04 Extreme PSI 10/24/2015
OEM Auto Timing Tensioner $ 107.14 Extreme PSI 10/24/2015
SS Braided Clutch Line (master to slave) $ 44.09 Extreme PSI 10/24/2015
Paint for Engine Bay $ 33.00 Autozone/Walmart 10/25/2015
Megan Racing Lowering Springs $ 104.00 Robert Stohr 10/25/2015
AutoMeter Oil Temp Sending Unit $ 24.92 SUMMIT RACING 10/27/2015
SS Braided Oil Feed Line $ 49.90 Extreme PSI 11/4/2015
Evo ECU Patch Harness $ 90.00 Austin Jones 11/11/2015
OEM Oil Dip Stick $ 19.00 Extreme PSI 11/11/2015
OEM Flywheel Bolts (6) $ 16.80 Extreme PSI 11/11/2015
Glow Shift Triple Pillar Pod $ 36.99 Extreme PSI 11/11/2015
NGK Copper Spark Plugs: BR7ES $ 12.00 Extreme PSI 11/11/2015
Extreme PSI 4-Ply Silicone Coupler: 3.75″ I.D. $ 9.45 Extreme PSI 11/11/2015
OEM Cylinder Block Starter Plate Spacer $ 25.21 Extreme PSI 11/11/2015
Vibrant 2-Bolt High Temperature Exhaust Gasket $ 5.95 Extreme PSI 11/11/2015
1.3u Tactrix Cable $ 100.00 Austin Jones 11/12/2015
Evo Knock Sensor $ 50.00 Austin Jones 11/12/2015
Avid Racing “Tuner Series” Black Steel Motor Mounts $ 199.36 Extreme PSI 11/26/2015
Wire Sleeve for Wiring Harness $ 127.90 SUMMIT/Ebay 12/9/2015
Wire for Battery Relocation (50ft- 2AWD | 25ft-4AWD) $ 65.98 Ebay 12/9/2015
Distribution Block (for battery relocation) $ 9.95 Ebay 12/9/2015
Battery Terminals $ 12.99 Ebay 12/9/2015
“Built Not Bought” Decal $ 1.98 Ebay 12/9/2015
“Because Racecar” Decal $ 1.98 Ebay 12/9/2015
“SPOOLIGAN” Decal $ 10.99 Ebay 12/9/2015
2AWD Ring Terminals (4) $ 7.52 Ebay 12/9/2015
4AWD Ring Terminals (4) $ 3.99 Ebay 12/9/2015
Quickcar Master Battery Disconnect $ 38.70 Ebay 12/9/2015
Helicoil Set (for oil pan drain bolt hole) $ 28.91 Ebay 12/20/2015
1990 OFH $ 40.00 Billy Pridgen 1/5/2016

$ 3,237.21

Pics of my old 2G, Virgin Mary. 95 Eagle Talon TSi AWD, 6 bolt swap, 5sp, Evo316G.





Pictures of the new 1G.