January 24, 2021

DSM Acronyms/Abbreviations- By [SPOOLIGAN]

This may be very beneficial for newbies as well as some of the experienced DSM’ers.

1G- First Generation DSM’s (90-94)

1GA- 90-91 DSM’s

1GB- 92-94 DSM’s

2G- Second Generation DSM’s (95-99)

2GA- 95-96 DSM’s

2GB- 97-99 DSM’s

Anti-lock Braking System

A/C- Air Conditioning

AFPR- Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

AFR- Air Fuel Ratio

AWD- All Wheel Drive

All Wheel Horse Power

AWS- All Wheel Steering

BCS- Boost Control Solenoid

BFH- Big Fucking Hammer

BHP- Brake Horse Power

BISS- Base Idle Set Screw

BOV- Blow Off Valve aka Bypass valve

BS- Balance Shaft

BSEK- Balance Shaft Elimination Kit

BTDC- Before Top Dead Center

CAS- Cam Angle Sensor

Crankshaft Position Sensor

COP- Coil On Plug

CTS- Coolant Temp Sensor

DIY- Do It Yourself

DOHC- Dual Over-Head Camshaft

DSM- Diamond Star Motors

Engine Control Unit

Exhaust Gas Temperature

Exhaust Gas Recirculator

EMS- Engine Management System

Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

ESD- Eat Sleep DSM

E.T.- Elapsed Time (Term used in Drag Racing)

Electronic Valve Control

EVO- Mitsubishi Evolution

EWG- External Wastegate

FCD- Fuel-Cut Defencer

FIAV- Fast Idle Air Valve

FIC- Fuel Injector Clinic

FMIC- Front Mount Intercooler

FP- Forced Performance

FP- Fuel Pressure

FP- Fuel Pump

FPR- Fuel Pressure Regulator

FPS- Fuel Pressure Solenoid

FWD- Front-Wheel Drive

GS- Grand Sport (NA Eclipse model trim)

GST- Grand Sport Turbo (FWD turbo Eclipse model trim)

GSX- Grand Sport Turbo AWD (AWD turbo Eclipse model trim)

HDR- Home Depot Racing

HP- Horse Power

IAC- Idle Air Control

IAT- Intake Air Temperature

IC- Intercooler

ICP- Intercooler Pipe/Piping

ISC- Idle Speed Controller

IWG- Internal Wastegate

JDM- Japanese Domestic Market

KS- Knock Sensor

LICP- Lower Intercooler Pipe/Piping

LSD- Limited-Slip Differential

MAF/MAS- Mass-Air-flow Sensor

MAF-T- Mass Air Flow Translator

MBC- Manual Boost Controller


MPH- Miles Per Hour

NA/NT- Naturally Aspirated (Non-turbo)

OBD- On-Board Diagnostics

OBD2- On-Board Diagnostics II

PC- Powder Coat(ing)(ed)

POT- Potentiometer (POT Mod)

PSI- Per Square Inch or commonly used as acronym for the word “Pressure”.

RPM- Revolutions Per Minute

RWD- Rear-Wheel Drive

SAFC- Super Air Flow Converter

SB/SBR- Slow Boy Racing

SMIC- Side Mounted Intercooler

SMIM- Sheet Metal Intake Manifold

SOHC- Single Over-Head Camshaft

TCU- Transmission Control Unit

TDC- Top Dead Center

T/E/L- Talon/Eclpse/Laser

THROTTLE- The Helpful Resource of the Talons, Lasers, and Eclipses.

TPS- Throttle Position Sensor

TSI- Turbo Sport Injection

TSB- Technical Service Bulletin

TT- Twin Turbo

UICP- Upper Ic Pipe/Piping

VBC- Variable Boost Control

VC- Valve Cover

VPC- Vein Pressure Converter

VR4- Vicious Real-time 4wd

VTAK- Variable Transistor Accumulator Kinetisyser

WG- Wastegate

WGA- Wastegate Actuator

WGS- Wastegate Solenoid

WHP- Wheel Horse Power

WOT- Wide-Open Throttle