October 22, 2021

Getting Started With Tephra Mods V7


I use an Evo 8 ECU in my 1G and have previously used a 2G Black Box ECU in #VirginMary. I have a lot of experience with ECUflash, EVOscan, and these H8 ECU’s. And, I love them. There aren’t that many people out there that use an EVO 8 ECU in their DSM. Because of this, people refer others to me any time they are having any complications. The more tech articles and guides I make regarding this ECU, the less repetitive conversations I will have in the future.

Step 1: Downloading ECUflash & EVOscan

Before you can do anything with the ECU (after properly wiring in your Evo 8 ECU), you need to download two programs:

  • ECUflash- Used for the actual tuning side of things. Free, available HERE.
  • EVOscan- Used only for logging. Costs about $25, available HERE.

Step 2: EVOscan Datalogging and Flash Cable

The next thing you will need the required datalogging and flash cable. There are two different cables. 

  • EVOscan 1.3u cable- for use of the Evo 8 ECU. Can be purchased HERE.
  • Tactrix 2.0 cable- for use of the 2G Blackbox ECU. Can be purchased HERE.

Obviously if you are using an Evo 8 ECU, you will need to use the 1.3u cable. The cable consists of an OBDII plug, a white flash port plug, with a USB plug on the opposite end.

Only the 98-99 DSM’s that came equipped with a black box ECU will have the female end of the flash port. You can find one at a junk yard from various different newer cars, or you can ditch the plug all together and directly flash port wire this to pin 79 of your Evo 8 ECU.


Step 3: Know Which Evo ECU You Have

There are a few different types of Evo ECU’s out there. You will need to know which one you have (Year, Model, USDM/JDM/EDM). You can find out for sure by searching the number on the ECU case.

Step 4: Downloading the ROM and XML Pack

Download these HERE. There are a few different ROM’s to choose from. Myself, and several others, have success using the 9653 ROM.

Step 5: Extracting the XML Pack

After you download and install ECUflash, you need to extract all of the XML files to C:\Program Files\OpenECU\EcuFlash\rommetadata\mitsubishi\evo

Step 6: Changing Your User Level Settings In ECUflash

In order to have access to all the neccesary things you will need, you will have to change your User Level to “Developer”.


Step 7: Opening Your Tephra Mods ROM In ECUflash

If you get this message, your XML files are at the wrong location. Click Cancel and close Ecuflash, then go back to the previous step.

If your XML files are in the correct location, you can now open a Tephra ROM. I would first try the 9653 ROM, depending on which ECU you have. In ECUflash, click the Folder icon to open a ROM. You will then need to find your .bin files that you received in the Tephra downloads.

If you use the 9653 ROM, or any other ROM, take note of the ROM sequence.

9653 ROM Example- 9653X706

Replace the X above with the number below:

  • 0 = MAF
  • 1 = Speed Density
  • 2 = DMA (Live Map) + MAF
  • 3 = DMA (Live Map) + Speed Density

If you are using a MAF, use 96530706.

Now, open the ROM in ECUflash.

Step 8: Immobilizer

One of the first things you want to check is to make sure your immobilizer is disabled. A very common problem people have when trying to flash their ECU is that they find that their car will not start. This is because the immobilizer is enabled, which doesn’t allow spark.

To check if your immobilizer is disabled, scroll down on the menu on the left side of ECUflash, all the way towards the bottom. Look for “ECU Periphery0 (FAA) Bits“.


Step 9: Setting Up EVOscan

Once you have downloaded and installed EVOscan, you need to change a few options. View the picture below and make sure all of these options are selected in your EVOscan if using an Evo 8 ECU.


This wraps up the Getting Started With Tephra Mods & ECUflash tech article. For more information on the Evo 8 ECU in a DSM stuff, please view the Using an Evo 8/3G Eclipse ECU in a DSM tech article.