January 24, 2021

Kiggly Manumatic Mod

This is a write up written by red97rum, a member on DSM Tuners. I was granted his permission to post his exact documentation of the Kiggly Manumatic Mod that he shared with me via private messaging.

By red97rum,

I used a Hurst Promatic II shifter, picked it up on ebay for $85. I used the 5 speed shifter plate but I had to cut it up quite a bit where the 5 speed shifter mounted, and in the front to make room for the automatic shifter cable. Wasn’t too hard though and it works very well. The cable end mounts to the stock gear selector on the transmission but not in the original hole as it’s too big. I drilled a new hole in the gear selector arm and mounted the Hurst cable there. Then just adjusted the cable and have been ratchet shifting ever since. I had my transmission running in manual mode all the time since I don’t have a TCU, so I figured a ratchet shifter would make it easier to drive around on the street.

Here are a couple of pics I have. I actually ended up cutting more off the front of the shifter base than what is shown in these pictures:


I ended up cutting out what is marked in red so the shifter cable wouldn’t get bound up from being at a weird angle.






Here’s a shot of where the cable connects to the gear selector, I just used the stock cable mount with (2) big washers:


As for wiring, this is the Kiggly wiring diagram you need to use for making the trans shift manually: