February 24, 2021

Maintenance Before Mods

So, you just bought an awesome new DSM, huh? I bet you want to start doing some bolt on modifications. Well stop right there, pal.

The number 1 reason people with DSM’s have their car break, is lack of maintenance. Leaking gaskets, torn hoses, cracked belts, lack of fluid flushes, etc, etc, will be detrimental to your car. Ever hear that DSM’s are unreliable? Its because people just turn up the boost without changing an overdue timing belt, and it ends up snapping.

Here is a checklist you should look over before you should start doing anything aftermarket.

  • TIMING BELT/BALANCE SHAFT BELT.. I cannot stress this enough
  • Fluid Changes
    • Oil change
    • Coolant flush
    • Differential fluid
    • Transmission fluid
    • Brake Fluid
    • Clutch Fluid
  • Accessory belts
  • Suspension
    • Control arms
    • struts
    • springs
    • bushings
    • ball joints
  • Brakes
    • rotors
    • drums
    • pads and or shoes
    • brake lines
    • brake fluid
  • Drive-train
    • Differentials
    • axle seals
    • clutch system
  • Coolant Hoses
    • Radiator hoses
    • heater core hoses
    • throttle body hoses
    • turbo coolant hoses and connections
  • Gaskets
    • Head gasket
    • oil pan
    • throttle body
    • manifolds
  • Exhaust – Make sure there are no leaks from the system and hangars are in good shape.
  • Turbo – where applicable, check the compressor wheel for shaft play.

These are in no order, as you should check all of them! Once your caught up, mod away!