February 25, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #Charlotte [2-6-17] Blackbox ECU & ECUflash

I haven’t been able to do a whole lot yet as I have been taking things easy with my recovery. But, I have done a few things so I figured I would make another update.

First things first, I finally put some fresh Brad Penn (10W-30) in #Charlotte.

One of my good friends, Destry Burnstein, gave me a 2G Blackbox ECU and a Tactrix 2.0 OpenPort. I put a simple base tune together, installed the ECU, flash pin, 2.0 cable, and flashed the ECU.

I learned/verified a couple of things after logging. The biggest one was that I knew my TSP was out of adjustment. After logging, I verified that as when WOT, it only reads 96% in EVOscan. Everything else looks very healthy. IDC is around 75% at max load, I have zero knock, and now I know what load cells I am hitting in my fuel and ignition maps. Everything looks great, and of course I activated 2 step/launch control.

When using a 2G Blackbox ECU, a few things are necessary. Of course the Tactrix OpenPort is needed, but you also need to add a flash port. There are a few different ways you can do this. If you have a 98/99 DSM, you will already have the flash port (and the Blackbox ECU in most cases). My Eclipse is a 95 model, so I had to add the flash port.

I opted to simply add a pin to my ECU plug (pin 79) and hard wire the flash port wire to my ECU plug. I grabbed a spare 2G ECU pigtail (donated from #VirginMary), and pulled a pin out of it. Then, I added the pin along with about 8″ of wire, added extra wire to it, then wired up the flash port wire to it.

I soldered it all up, popped the OpenPort into the OBD2 port, and connected my laptop. I flashed my edited ROM to the ECU and started logging. Luckily, I had my daughter with me so she was able to watch for any knock.

I also recently decided to put the top down for the first time, even though it was about 40*. But, my daughter and I were eager to try it out, see how it looked, and see what it was like when driving. We had a nice, cold ride, but we definitely enjoyed it. Now I really can’t wait to cruise in this thing this summer.

I ordered an axle seal from Extreme PSI as mine has been leaking. So, I will be replacing that soon but I am pretty sure my right front axle is on its way out as it has been making some noise. So, I may wait to put the seal in when I get another axle. I should actually have a good 2G FWD axle lying around somewhere.

I also bought a new BISS screw and o-ring from Extreme PSI as well. Today, I attempted to swap it out but, the old one deteriorated and I wasn’t able to get it out. So this weekend, I will be pulling off the throttle body so I can drill it out properly and install the new BISS screw.