April 13, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #PoisonIvy [5-30-16] A Sexy, New Look

I have been trying to get some wheels off of my friend Cory Kuhn for awhile now. Every time we intended to meet up, something came up on either end. But finally, it worked out and I made the trip down to Selinsgrove to his shop. The wheels are a brand called Zen, which I have never heard of. But, they were 18’s and looked nice. While I was down there, I looked around to try and find something else to buy. One thing that caught my eye was a brand new STM Oil Cooler kit.



I hung out for several hours and made the drive home. On the way back, I ran into the kid that I bought this Eclipse off of back when it was a shell. I took him for a ride and it is one that neither of us would forget. But, that is another story.




The next day, I cleaned up the wheels, repainted them, and put them on. Ironically, the tires were the same exact size as what I had on #VirginMarys 18″ wheels so I was able to use a couple of those to replace a couple dryrotted tires on the new wheels. I honestly didn’t like the way the wheels looked on this car, but just like any wheel I have ever put on my DSM’s, they quickly grew on me.









20160531_145535 20160531_145501










Next, I decided to install the STM Oil Cooler. It truly is a wonderful cooler and I am very happy with it. It looks good and is designed very well.






Once I went to put the bumper cover back on, the left front of the bumper cover was pushed out because it was hitting the oil cooler. I kind of liked out it stuck out, so I made the other side match. I quickly fabbed up an aluminum brace to push the right side out too.

























#PoisonIvy has really started to come together nicely. Looking back to when I first got the car as a shell and remembering all the hard work that went into getting this far is amazing. Here are some pictures taken by by daughter as I washed the car.


20160604_173814 20160604_173748 20160604_173755 20160604_173915