September 20, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #PoisonIvy [6-10-16] The Drag Strip

I decided to hit the drag strip before dirt racing season began. Well, dirt season has already began but our track hasn’t opened yet as they just rebuilt the track. They are expected to open up at the end of June. The dirt track will be running on Friday nights, which unfortunately is the same night the drag strip runs their Test & Tune.

Text by AJ Hunsinger // Photos by AJ Hunsinger




#PoisonIvy’s First Pass

Our local drag strip is only 25 minutes from me but it is only an 1/8th mile. I went to the drag strip twice this month. The first on June 10th, and then I went two weeks later. The first week, I ran a PB of 8.4 while racing against my friend in his Subaru WRX with bolt on’s. He ran an 8.8 to my 8.4.



A Thing For Vette’s

There was a Z06 Vette there with drag radials on the rear. I talked to him and tried setting up a race with him. He claimed that he had 571WHP. When we rolled out onto the track, he broke the belt for his Pro-Charger and was not able to race me. Prior to racing me, he had been making consecutive 8.8 passes to my consecutive 8.4’s.



One Last Shot

Two weeks later, I returned to the drag strip. The dirt track is scheduled to have its first points race of the year next Friday, so this was my last attempt at the drag strip for awhile. I made some adjustments to my tune, added some timing and backed the boost down a little. I also lowered my tire pressures as the first time to the track, I was spinning all 4 tires off the line, and spinning bad. I could control it somewhat right off the line, but I would still spin at the top of 1st gear right before shifting into 2nd gear.This killed my second gear acceleration.



Close To 7’s

This time out, I ran 8.1 consistently. The car definitely is capable of running high 7’s. Most of which could probably be achieved by doing some more tuning. I had a blast at the track, I got some timeslips, videos, pictures, and enjoyed every pass.