February 28, 2021

PROJECT LOG Update: [4/12/2016] Looks can Kill

In the past week or so Ive been extremely busy between working full time and building harnesses. But I also managed to do a few things to Sapphire.

I paint stripped the valve cover a while ago, but I finally got around to JB Welding the crack I made inside the spark plug well. So I got some paint and went to town on my valve cover. It came out better than my last one I think. Also I made a custom oil cap using an Evo 3 16g compressor wheel I had laying around.

KIMG0091 KIMG0092 KIMG0093 KIMG0094 KIMG0107 KIMG0108 KIMG0109 KIMG0110 KIMG0111 KIMG0112 KIMG0114 KIMG0115 KIMG0116 KIMG0117 KIMG0118 KIMG0119 KIMG0120 KIMG0121

Since I built the car, Ive had an extermal oil cooler mounted behind my radiator making it impossible to put a slim fan there where I needed it to be. I also had 5/8 rubber lines running to it which became a problem quickly. The lines would break from the oil and heat going through them and cause me to lose all my oil. Fortunately I caught it in time when it happened. Well finally I was able to afford SS Braided -10an lines for my oil cooler, so I moved my oil cooler in front of my FMIC and mounted it to my bumper. So far theres been a lot of skeptics and critics about my placement of the oil cooler. Some say it doesnt look good. Theres been talk about IAT’s and rocks hitting it, blah blah. What if a rock comes up and hits your radiator or FMIC? Is it going to kill it? They can go pound sand! This is my car and I will build her how I please!

KIMG0129 KIMG0131

Looks fucking mean in my opinion. Next on my list of cosmetic mods is to get some type of reinforcement to the bumper cover. Since I cut it with a grinder it got a little heat warped.