February 28, 2021

PROJECT LOG Update: [4/21/2016] – Black, Blue, and Clean

A lot has been accomplished since the last update. Last weekend AJ and our friend Ben with the green 2g GST came up and we had a little get together at my house. AJ and I got a lot of work done on Sapphire.

We got the 20g on finally, still need some manifold hardware. After the turbo was on and all the lines hooked up, I decided I wasn’t comfortable with running this car without using lock-tite on the tensioner pulley. Last summer I changed the head gasket and after one quick little drive, the bolt for the tensioner backed out causing me to jump timing and bent valves. AJ had the same thing happen to him about a month ago. So to save myself from doing all of this work all over again and pissing money away, I elected to just dig in and get that out of the way. Timing belt is all back together and ready to rip.


Remember that ridiculous long route intercooler piping setup I had? well I decided to take a stab at piecing together a short route setup. I came up with this…


And…. not feeling it lol.

Heres a few pics from our little EatSleepDSM meet at my house.

20160417_144824 20160417_145040 20160417_145113 20160417_145204 20160417_145216 20160417_145223 20160417_145404 20160417_192955 20160417_193125 20160417_193221 20160417_193237 20160417_193250 20160417_193408 20160417_193442 20160417_194423 20160417_194443

Since I’ve owned Sapphire, I’ve always assumed there was an aftermarket fuel pump for 2 reasons. First being that the previous owner had a 600HP setup in this car and I doubt he’d take the time to put a stock pump back in it before selling the shell. Second is that when the car was running, you could hear the fuel pump loud and clear. So finally I decided to take another crack at removing the fuel pump. I badly rounded the fittings trying to get them apart inside the hatch, so I climbed underneath and tried with the same results. I just couldn’t give up on knowing what pump was in there, especially after all of the mods I have done and the fact that I will be tuning this car finally. So I cut the metal line on the fuel pump assembly hat. Luckily AJ has a spare he is donating to the cause, and I will be ordering the Fuel Lab tank-to-rail kit. So no worries right? Right! It was totally worth it to find out that I did infact have a Walbro 255LPH fuel pump hiding inside my fuel tank.

13023312_1263227543706655_1154063045_n 13046129_1263227417040001_1709085750_n 13046151_1263227677039975_320096033_n

Today I got out of work a bit early, around 2PM. So I decided to take my extra free time and invest it into doing some more work to Sapphire.

I installed the intake pipe and 2g MAF, fixed my short route setup and put the BOV on, put my fan and boost controller in, put the upper radiator hose on, and removed some extra wiring that I wont be using. I also scrubbed the entire engine bay with purple power as well as removed the hood and washed that real good.

KIMG0138 KIMG0139 KIMG0142 KIMG0144 KIMG0145 KIMG0146 KIMG0147 KIMG0149

Next update may not be for a while. I got a few bills to catch up on before I order my Fuel Lab AFPR Kit and Fuel Lab Tank-to-Rail kit. As soon as I have these things, I will be sure to update.