April 13, 2021

PROJECT LOG: #VirginMary- R.I.P.

This is Mary. My 1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD. I bought her at the beginning of 2014 and she was 100% stock. Originally, the plan was to paint it white and black like my old Panda 2g. But obviously it didn’t take long for this blue to grow on me. With a color so beautiful and so rare, I couldn’t paint over that.

I named her Mary as in “Virgin Mary” since she was completely stock. I bought it off of an older gentlemen who has mentioned a few times to a few people that he would like to sell it. Word got back to me and I went and picked her up.

When I first got her, I did all the things I usually do when I get a new dsm. Change all the timing belt components, maintenance, and delete everything I don’t need. AC, emissions, AC, PS, etc. Took out quite a bit of weight and made it a lot easier to work on.

I took the car to the track before doing anything to it. I ran low 15s launching softly off the line. I have since done a lot to the car.

I went down to Norberts at dsmpartout.com and picked up several goodies. On the way home, I stopped at Rob Figs at Forced Induction Guys Inc. I planned a weekend and started turning wrenches. I installed a Greddy FMIC with piping, Greddy BOV, T28 Killer turbo, and a few odds and ends. I ran the car for awhile un-tuned. I ran 15psi on the T28 Killer and it was spike to 15psi as I run open downpipe.

A T28 Killer is an old school turbo that nobody makes anymore. It is a T28 with a stage 2 turbine wheel and a 16G compressor wheel. I actually have a 20G compressor wheel. Needless to say, it flows a good amount of air. After awhile of running it un-tuned at 15-18psi, I melted a piston ring.

I ended up buying a new block, doing an OEM rebuild in my living room, and swapping the engines within just 7 days. Running and on the road in 8 days. Made pretty good time. After the engine swap, I kept the boost down and currently still do. Right around 9-10psi.

A month or so later, I broke my transmission. So once again, back to dsmpartout and FIGS. New transmission, ABS delete with SS braided lines, aluminum radiator, and a lot of other things.

Eventually, the car changed dramatically, performance wise and appearance wise. Wheel spacers, 18″ Motegi wheels, tuned with a 2G blackbox ECU, Evo 3 16G, tons more. The day I installed the 16G, I took the car to the local 1/8 mile drag strip. The car ran a best of 8.51 @ 81.39MPH.

On the night of September 19th, 2015, I totalled the car in what should have been a fatal car accident. I took sleep aid to help me sleep, then just as I dosed off, a friend stopped in. Eventually, I got in my car to go for a drive. I finally blacked out completely while going 130MPH (according to the police investigation) and I slid driver side first into a couple of trees.

I was in the hospital for a full month. Broke my clutch leg, had to get a rod put in, broke a rib, and had to get my spleen removed. Several of the parts survived the accident, including the fresh 6 bolt engine. I left the hospital and picked up a 1G AWD shell, which is now fully built and using the same 6 bolt engine from Virgin Mary.

Below is a mod list:
95 TSi AWD
LSD rear
Rebuilt 7 bolt bottom end
Rebuilt 6 bolt head
ARP headstuds
Balance shaft elimination kit
SS braided oil feed and return lines
EVO 3 16G
Greddy FMIC with piping
Greddy BOV
Turbosmart MBC
Walboro 255lph fuel pump
Innovate LC1 wideband
Oil catch can
SS braided front brake lines slave to caliper
ABS delete
PS delete
AC delete
Emissions delete
NGK br7es spark plugs
NGK plug wires
Aluminum racing radiator with 2 slim fans
Custom open downpipe with bung for wideband o2 sensor, no exhaust
Lowering springs
Aftermarket 16″ wheels
10k Pot Mod
Cone Air filter
Poly motor mount bushings
ACT 2600 clutch


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