November 23, 2020

ROTM- How It Works

The Ride of the Month (ROTM) will be a monthly contest that gives you a chance to be featured on the home page of At the beginning of every month, you will be able to submit your car into the ROTM contest. Each contest determines the following months Ride of the Month winner. For example, if Submission opens on June 1st, the contest will be for the July Ride of the Month.

Every contest is held one month in advance. This is because each year, Eat Sleep DSM will be selling calendars with each ROTM’s winners’ photo in the month of the calendar that they won. So if you win the October Ride of the Month contest, your car will be the October picture in the calendar.

In addition to the Ride of the Month contest, there will also be a Ride of the Year (ROTY) contest. Only the 12 ROTM contest winners will be eligible for participation in the ROTY contest. The winner of the ROTY contest will receive a free calendar AND will be on the calendar cover. The winner of each individual Ride of the Month contest winners will receive awards as well. The awards range anywhere from a free Eat Sleep DSM decal to an Eat Sleep DSM T-shirt.

Anybody that currently owns a DSM at the time of any Ride of the Month contest may enter, but, you have to act FAST. The Ride of the Month contest is a first come, first serve basis. Every month, only the first 10 QUALIFIED submissions will be accepted. Once we receive 10 submissions, the submission phase will be complete. Once the submission phase is over, we will add the information you supplied on the submission form and create a submission page for your car. Then, everyone will be able to vote for the car they like the most. The car and driver with the most votes will become that months ROTM winner.

The ROTM submission form consists of the following in which you need to fill out:

  • Your Name
  • Your Facebook Profile URL (
  • Your email address
  • Year, Make, and Model of your Car
  • Your Car’s Name (if applicable)
  • Mod List of Your Car
  • A section where you can write why you think you should be the ROTM winner.
  • Picture of your ride (exterior picture, can be the front, side, rear, etc.)
  • Engine Bay Picture
How Do I Qualify To Enter the Contest?

You and your car must meet the following qualifications:

  • The car you are entering must be YOUR car and you must currently own the car.
  • Must be a DSM, Evo, 4G63 Hybrid, or any other Mitsubishi or Eagle.
  • Pictures

    • Pictures must be good quality, high resolution, and at least 1000pixels wide.
  • Past Winners
    • If you and your car have already previously won the ROTM contest, you will NOT be able to enter until the following year.
    • If you have already won the contest, you may re-enter the contest by submitting another car that YOU own.
    • If you have previously entered the ROTM contest, but have not won, you may re-enter any ROTM contest.
Voting Phase

Once the submission phase is complete and the voting phase begins, the 10 submitted cars for that month will be voted on via the Eat Sleep DSM Facebook group ( (NOTE- Voting may be done via a poll on . Everyone will be notified via post on the Eat Sleep DSM Facebook group regardless)

Voting will begin shortly after we have 10 qualified submissions for that month. The car with the highest number of votes after 48 hours of the start of the voting phase, will be the winner. The winner will then have him/herself, along with his/her car, featured on