April 13, 2021

ROTM Submission- Andrew Robinson

Name : Andrew Robinson
Facebook Page : https://m.facebook.com/awrperformance?ref=bookmarks
Your Car’s Name : NA
Make and Model : 99 Eclipse GSX
Full Mod List :

  • Car Specs:
    • 1999 Eclipse GSX
    • Exterior Silver (A52 Minden silver Mica)
    • Interior OEM Black
    • 5 Speed
    • Chassis Mileage 87k
  • Built 7 Bolt Block-
    • Arias Pistons
    • Manley I-Beam Rods
    • ARP Hardware
    • Stock Crank
    • ACL bearings
  • 7 Bolt Head
    • Kelford 272 Cams
    • AEM Cam Gears
    • 3G Lifters
    • Supertech Valvetrain
  • Bolt on’s-
    • Magnus Street Manifold
    • 1G Throttle Body
    • FP 4” Intake
    • ExtremeMotorsports FMIC kit
    • Tial BOV
    • DNP exhaust manifold
    • PTE6262 BB T3 .82A/R
    • Custom DP to Apexi exhaust
    • Halman MBC
  • Tuning-
    • ECM Tuning V3
    • Speed Density
    • AEM IAT and Map Sensors
  • Fuel-
    • Jay Racing 343 Kit
    • STM rewire
    • FIC 1450’s, AFPR
  • Suspension-
    • Tein coilovers with EDFC controller
  • Transmission-
    • Semi built, with Quaif LSD
  • Interior-
    • AEM Digital Boost and UEGO
    • HKS turbo Timer
    • Auto Power Roll bar
    • Trunk mounted Battery

Why should I be voted ROTM? : I have been in the DSM scene since I was 17. I have owned over 5 different Mitsubishis. I have built a 97 GSX that made 500 plus on pump gas. Before moving on to a EVO 9. I autox my evo for a while, but I realized pretty quickly that I enjoy DSMs way more. So after a year of looking I picked up a 99 GSX. This one is very special to me and will become the car i have always dreamed of building. Why should I be voted ROTM? Because I want it more then others… To many times have Eclipses and Talons been out shadowed by a EVO, Subi to GTR counter part. I want to be able to represent the DSM community the right way. I truly believe this platform deserves more recognition. Plus there is something about being the underdog that I like. Thanks for your time.