October 22, 2021

ROTM Submission- László Bolga & “Toothless”

Name : László Bolga
Location:  Hungary, Europe
Facebook Page :

Car’s Name : Toothless
Make and Model : 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS
Full Mod List :

  • Info-
    • 2.0 420a
    • Genuine reconditioned tan interior
    • Repaired undercarriage and chassis
    • Genuine 2gB rocker panel, front and rear bumper
  • XXR527 18×8,75″ wheels
  • Pirelli P7 225/40R18 tires
  • Adjustable TEIN Street Basis coilovers
  • 4/1 chromium manifold and exhaust system
  • AEM air filter

Why should you be voted ROTM? :

“Dear Team, I’m László from a small country in the middle of Europe, Hungary. Why should I be voted to ROTM? Nothing special: I’m just enthusiast of my beloved ’98 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2gB. I never wanted the car to be so unique (it already is in Hungary) therefore as soon as I have a bit time I spend that for restoration, not for modification. Nevertheless I love the stanced monsters so I applied an adjustable coilover under the car in combination with a set of XXR 527. And I know, my baby is still not “hardly stanced”, but one day if you visit my country you will immediately understand: the road conditions don\’t allow you to put the chassis on the ground. 🙂 Beside this, as I mentioned my passion is to restore all square inch of Toothless step by step to keep him alive for many many years . Thank you! László”