September 20, 2021

Twin Engine 1G DSM

This car has been around since back before 2003. It is a twin engine 1G Eagle Talon that uses two 2.3L stroker 4G63 engines and is the only twin engine DSM to date. It was built by Vineet Singh, although it was truly a team effort as dozens of DSMer’s held a part in completing this iconic car. Vineet Singh, was also well known in the DSM Community for scanning Factory Service Manuals, putting them on CD’s, and supplying them to whoever needed one.

“It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally starting to experience the fruits of many people’s labor. Thanks everyone! We’ll put more vids up as we button more things up. Thanks to Kevin “Kiggly” for help with getting the tranny’s running right.”- said Vineet Singh in 2003.

The car ended up making upwards of 800HP. It’s first several trips to the drag strip, they only ran 12’s as they let off at the 1/8 mile mark due to not having a roll cage. Eventually, they made one solid pass and ran low 10’s.

It also uses two automatic FWD Level 10 Race transmissions to make it all work. It also used ProTorque stalls. The initial mod list from when it was first completed is as follows:

  • 7psi, no boost control utilized yet
  • No real tuning (except for timing and idle speed)
  • 450cc injectors
  • 18g FP turbos
  • Level 10 FWD A/T’s with Protorque TC’s
  • Quaife ATB’s (RRE)
  • 2.3 4g63t x2, Ross Pistons, SS valves, etc.
  • M/T cams
  • MAFT’s from Ramchargers
  • Dual SMIC’s for front, A/W for rear (Dejon front, Dolphies-welding rear)
  • Fluidyne Rad’s and SS hose from Roadrace
  • DSS Coilovers (2 front sets)
  • Lexus wheels, SP9000 runflats
  • EVO manifolds and O2 housings (FP)
  • Completely sealed custom rear firewall with plexiglass top portion
  • 3″ Custom dual mandrel exhaust
  • Stealth RT/TT Cat (front engine only)
  • 3000gt SL front brakes, single piston dsm front brakes in rear
  • (2) 8gal custom fuel cells
  • Single throttle pedal with custom ultralight aircraft cable supply house
  • Lots of metal shaves, welding, nuts, and tools hidden throughout










A couple of my friends coerced me into going out to a local car meet last night, and it was actually quite fun! Bad thing is, we didn’t make it out to Schaumburg IL, because at highway speeds, the rear engine starts and continues to overheat. Some air circulation and blocking problems need to be solved before I can say it’s streetable.

When turning, the car used to feel really sloppy, and only last night did I remember I had AGX struts in there. All were set to 1! Now set at 4, the car feels solid, and not so unnerving. Even seems to have better traction to boot!

On the way there, we just happened to line up with a friends 240sx with the Silvia turbo motor swap, not a shabby car at all. And on the left was another guy in his beater rabbit with an “auugahh” horn. I don’t “streetrace”, but I had to do something. Light was about to turn green, so I started to brake torque. Then I hear something from the guy in the 240 like “ha ha! it’s an autom”

“….. woooooooooossshhhh.” I left both of them so bad that I was across the intersection before the rabbit guy engaged his clutch to move and the 240 guy couldn’t finish what he was saying. Not a real race, but fun nonetheless.

He was trying to say “haha it’s an automatic… gay!” But, he couldn’t finish his statement. Later, he said that half way through my launch, it was harder than anything he’s seen on the street and had no reason to finish his thought. Lol, chalk one up for me in the a/t, first in a long time.

Later on, when I picked up the car from the friends house that we dropped it off at, a modded black 2000 TA revved at me from an intersection that I was turning left on (he had the red). I slowly went down the street until he caught up. He tried to catch me by surprise with his no boost lag, instant drop torque… but guess what, I think I can say we got that too! I walked him as if I was passing a car at 10mph, and my passenger got it on tape. The light turned red up the street, perfect!

Lined up… light about to turn green… I hear him rev. I prematurely started to brake torque, but it was pulling through, so I had to let off. As the bov’s went off, the light turned green. Guess what, he was only in front of me for .5 seconds before he was about 30 cars back. He was going full bore. The funny thing is, all this stuff happened at 75-80% throttle, because I think the boost is too high even w/o boost controllers, as it fuel cuts and bucks under full throttle. He runs solid 12’s.

I’ll be getting this stuff in digital format, and I’ll try to share it with you guys… so fun!

PS: I don’t have popups, and no motors for the door (all little projector bulbs somewhat like the original dsm prototype). I found out that the right headlight pops up under hard 2nd gear shifts at about 30mph, and stays up until I drop down to 20mph again. Right in front of the air filter! A design that was never intended hehe.

A/T RULEZ and p0wnez you (I was told to type this from someone else haha).- Vineet Singh.