January 17, 2021

PROJECT LOG Update: [3/20/2016] Tuck Harness Progress

As you may or may not know, I’m doing a full tucked harness and fuse box relocation. Today I took another step toward completion. Although it may seem like a small step, its actually a very crucial part of my progress because now I can measure lengths and figure out how I’m going to be running my wires exactly. I drilled a 2″ hole through my firewall on the passenger side next to my shift linkage. This will allow me to conceal all of my engine harness. I will be running my fuse box harness in my glove box and all of the wires will be run under my fenders so you wont see a single wire in my bay except where it connects to its corresponding part. I may or may not have hit a bit of a snag though, while I was drilling, the pilot bit on my hole saw was apparently up against the fuel line that feeds the fuel filter. I took a close look and it only seemed to nick it a little, I don’t believe it penetrated the line at all. My only concern is will it be a week point under the pressure going through the fuel line. I guess I will find out once I start the car. If it in fact is problematic, looks like I will be further upgrading my fuel system with a Fuel Lab Tank to Rail Kit from ExtremePSI.com…

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