February 25, 2021


I wanted to write about basic steps when starting WOT tuning. I’ve been asked a lot about it so I figured it was time for a write up. This is very simple to do.

First, there are things you need to verify first:


  • You MUST have a wideband.
  • NO boost leaks
  • Working front O2 sensor
  • Working knock sensor
  • Set global and dead time parameters according to specifications for injectors
  • Ignition timing set to 5* BTDC

Step 1: Choose a target AFR


  • Your AFR will depend on several variables. Every car and engine is different. What works for me may not work as well for you and visa versa. I like to tune for a richer AFR to ensure it is a safer tune. I like 11.0. 10.9-11.3 is where i like to be.

Step 2: Set boost to lowest boost setting


  • Assuming you have a MBC (manual boost controller) installed on your car, turn it down as far as it will go to ensure you are running the lowest boost possible.
  • Dial in your AFR, adjust fuel as needed. Ensure your AFR does not change in the next two steps. If it does, adjust fuel before continuing.

Step 3: Timing


  • It’s time for some pulls. Some people like to use 3rd gear, 2000RPMS to redline, and that’s it. I like to do 2nd through 4th gear pulls at least. The reason being is being you will generally see more knock in a more aggressive pull when on/off the throttle for shifting. So, do a pull from 2000RPM in 2nd gear to redline in 4th gear while logging.
  • Raise (advance) timing about 2-3* at a time until you start getting knock. Once you get knock, lower (retard) timing back 2-3*. Do another pull and make sure the knock no longer exists.

Step 4: Boost


  • Next, slowly raise boost to your target boost.
  • If you can get to your target boost without getting any knock, raise timing 2* at a time until you get knock, then lower it 2*.
  • If you start getting knock before reaching your target boost, lower timing 2* at a time until you reach your target boost without any knock.