April 19, 2024

2 thoughts on ““It All Adds Up”- Weight Reduction FAQ

  1. Seems to me that lots of people want to know the “Secret” to building a light car, but very few people are willing to take it seriously. Like it was said in the article, “It adds up!”. Too often, people say “it’s not worth it for 1 or 2 pounds…” That’s simply not true. If you’re serious about dropping weight from your car, never turn down an opportunity to remove any amount of weight, no matter how trivial it seems. Also, I’d like to add the benefit of increased reliability/less breakage to lightening your car. It will definitely break less.


  2. Yeah, you got it man. It is definitely something that people don’t think about very often. And when they do, they only think about the obvious heavy items like the front and rear bumper support for example.

    The little stuff is where you can really benefit from. There’s only so many heavy items that you can remove from your car. There are dozens and dozens of little stuff that can be removed. A pound here, a few here, “It Adds Up”.

    I really want to think of a definitive way to show just how much less various parts have to work. Like the powertrain and drivetrain. Really, there is no way to show the difference before and after. But, I would imagine it makes a very large impact on the reliability of your car and the parts on it. Like I said before, at the very least, it is more efficient.

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