September 20, 2021

Installing ECUflash

This is a short tutorial on how to install ECUflash. ECUflash is a free program that allows you to tune using either a 2G Blackbox ECU or an Evo 8 ECU. A proper install is crucial as you will have problems reading or writing ROM’s if not installed correctly.

Words By AJ Hunsinger // Images By AJ Hunsinger

First, you need to download the latest version of ECUflash, found HERE. Once it is downloaded, open it up to begin the install wizard.

Go through and click all of the recommended buttons and directories. The 1.3u and 2.0 Tactrix cable drivers are included in the ECUflash download and will be installed with ECUflash.

Before you can open a ROM image, you must first add the correct .XML files into the proper ECUflash folder.

If you are using a 2G Blackbox, you need to put the Ceddy Mods 20550011.XML file inside the C:Drive/ProgramFiles/OpenECU/ECUflash/rommetadata/mitsubishi/eclipse folder. Download HERE.

If you are using an Evo ECU, you need to add all the Tephra Mod .XML files into the C:Drive/ProgramFiles/OpenECU/ECUflash/rommetadata/mitsubishi/evo folder. Download HERE.

Once the .XML files are in place, open up ECUflash.

Next, you will need to change the User Level in order to fully access your ROM. First, click file, then click options.

Then click User Level. By default, it should be set to Beginner. You want to change this to Developer.

Now, you are ready to open your ROM. If you are using a Blackbox ECU, open one of the Ceddy Mods .HEX files that came with your Ceddy Mods downloads. If you are using a MAF, select the 20550011-mod-1v9Cb-MAF-BigMaps.hex file. If you are using Speed Density, select the 20550011-mod-1v9Cb-SD-BigMaps.hex file.

If you are using an Evo ECU, open one of the Tephra Mods .BIN files. To figure out which Tephra ROM you need to use, see THIS article.

If you try to open a ROM image and get an error message, the .XML files either weren’t put it the correct folder or weren’t added at all. If the ROM image does open, you are all done and are ready to start tuning. If you don’t know what you are doing, you should mess with anything at all.

This is what the Ceddy Mods ROM will look like in ECUflash.

This is what the Tephra Mods ROM will look like in ECUflash.

Now, lets say you knew what you were doing and wanted to flash your ROM image to your ECU. There is a few things you need to pay attention to.

  • Read button
  • Write button
  • Test write button
  • Interface connection, ECU type

When the connection between the laptop and ECU, and ECU and cable are correct and plugged in, these 3 icons at the top will light up. When not connected, the icons will be greyed out like shown above as well as the ‘No Vehicle Interface” text on the bottom right of the screen.

There is a variety of wiring involved in using either the 2G blackbox ECU or the Evo ECU, both of which I will not discuss in this article. The 2G Blackbox ECU uses the 2.0 Tactrix cable while the Evo ECU uses the 1.3U cable.